CerebralAudio Submission Guide

(01-03-2018 - Note: this guide will be updated in the near future. For now it is still accurate.)

Mission Statement

CerebralAudio Netlabel is dedicated to the ideal that all audio works are important. We firmly believe that technology has shattered the barriers to an important part of our culture and society. We also believe that it is time to use this technology in new ways:


All styles of audio works are accepted at CerebralAudio: experimental music (ambient, experimental, avant-garde, noise...), electronic music (EDM, IDM, Trance, Berlin School...), traditional (pop, rock, jazz, classical, blues, r&b...), non-music (spoken word, found sounds, collages...). However, there are a few guidelines that should be considered:

  1. Audio quality is a top measure for submitted works. We are seeking well produced and engineered recordings. We do want the production to be appropriate to the style of music.
  2. We are trying to balance the styles of releases. We will more actively seek under-represented styles in our catalog for release.
  3. All releases will be licensed under a Creative Commons License. If you are not familiar with Creative Commons licenses, please read up on them and make certain it is appropriate for your intentions. If you are not comfortable with your work being released under a Creative Commons License, do not proceed.
  4. We will be selective in choosing works to release. While we are fairly liberal when it comes to subject matter, there are issues and subjects that can be touchy. (There is no definite boundaries to subject manner, especially when it is thought provoking or useful in creating a dialog. However, we don't want to promote extremist propaganda.)
  5. Demos: while they are a good way to get an initial reaction to your work, we won't commit to a release based on a demo, except in rare circumstances. Demos will not get as thorough a listening as a completed recording. It's better to submit the completed version of a few tracks (2-4), than it is to send in a demo for a whole release.
  6. We try to listen to everything that is submitted. As alluded to in 5, we may only skim through a submission, especially if it is immediately clear that it doesn't fit. Other times, it may take a while to listen to a submission enough to have a clear idea of whether it is a fit.
  7. Our preference is to release longer, multi-track works. Singles and EP's are more difficult for us to release. However, the possibility does exist that if we really like your single or EP, we might suggest working with us on a compilation or split release.

Those are the seven major points to consider before submitting a demo / EP / finished work to CerebralAudio. The one point that is an absolute requirement is number 3. Numbers 1 and 2 are very important and should be considered carefully. Numbers 4 through 7, while being important have some room for subjective judgment and offer some alternative possibilities.

If you think you are a good candidate for CerebralAudio, submit a work to us.