Drone Thoreau One by SoundChaser
$0.00 - $5.00

  • Drone Thoreau One
  • Drone Thoreau One

    Release Info:

    1. Artist: SoundChaser
    2. Cat. No: CAEX0003
    3. Release Date: 2017-06-20
    4. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
    5. Liner Notes: George De Bruin
    6. Cover Art: George De Bruin

    Track Listing:

    1. Drone Thoreau One (Version 1)
    2. Drone Thoreau One (Version 2)

Drone Thoreau One by SoundChaser
$0.00 - $5.00

Drone Thoreau One is not a finality, but hopefully a beginning…

SoundChaser has been fascinated with the concept of transformation. Especially with the concept of taking a single piece of source audio and transforming it into something completely different, something that is un-recognizable from it’s original form. This release is exactly an example of such a transformation.

Starting with a public domain reading of Henry David Thoreau’s Woof of the Sun, SoundChaser took the recording and mangled, manipulated, chopped up, layered, and reassembled it into a work that is completely different from what it started off as. And, after completing transformation he found that he couldn’t leave well enough alone, and further modified two of the layers, which produced a second version that is nearly identical and yet different from the first version.

So, Drone Thoreau One version 1 & 2 form the main listening portion of this release. However, here is where the fun begins: SoundChaser has decided to go a step further by including all the original stems
(layers) of the tracks used to create this release. There are two reasons for this:

SoundChaser believes some people might enjoy listening to the individual stems on their own (especially the Drone stem, which gets mixed into the background in the main tracks), and
He wants others to take the tracks and create their own works. Fold them, spindle, mutilate them, add beats, add other instruments, make them into something else. The less recognizable, the better.
But, as the name implies, this is only the first of a series of recordings. The concept is to explore what can be done with single audio source. This first release uses very simple production techniques. Each release will use additional tricks, techniques and tools to produce different results.

The idea is to build towards creating a new style of work that is still ambient, drone and experimental, but isn’t like anything that is being produced today. Something that will hopefully inform or inspire someone else to do something new. So, have at it, see what else can be created from this work.

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