02C926 by Unattributed

  • 02C926
  • 02C926

    Release Info:

    1. Artist: Unattributed
    2. Cat. No: CAHN0002
    3. Release Date: 2018-04-30
    4. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
    5. Liner Notes: George De Bruin
    6. Cover Art: George De Bruin

    Track Listing:

    1. 371E36E4
    2. 119E5038
    3. 1CCC9D6F

02C926 by Unattributed

The Unattributed project is built on the concept of transformation. Unlike other projects that center on transformation, Unattributed seeks to move the concept in more directions through the use of a generative music processes to produce the sounds.

The recordings on this release were created by taking an image, performing specific manipulations to bring out aspects of the image. A series of these images were produced and then placed in an ANS synthesizer emulator. In the ANS emulator one or more of the images were processed at a time, with adjustments being made to the tempo, frequency spectrum, and sampling size used by the scanner. Once configured, the tracks were recorded straight to two track. All adjustments and mixing were performed in real-time during the recording process.

Some noise works don’t need direct manipulation to be interesting. This release gathers three recordings from Unattributed’s second recording session that are noisy, intense and un-manipulated… It’s just the images that were created in a way to generate these sounds.

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