Ambelion is a Ukranian musician and recording artist from Kyiv. He was born in 1980, and started writing music in 1999. He is fluent in writing many different styles of music: from EDM and pop styles, to the more underground Ambient, glitch and IDM styles. While he is more passionate about underground and experimental music styles, he does write in more commercially accessible styles as needed.

Many of his early works were released on the now defunct Noiseworks label. He has been working on re-mastering and re-releasing his catalog through labels like 45Echo Sounds and now CerebralAudio.

He uses a whole host of software, VST's and samples in creating his works. His favorite software includes: Frooty Loops Studio, Sound Forge Lab, Rebirth, and Reason.

Even when times have been hard for him, he sticks to writing music. Ambelion finds that creating music empowers him in ways that nothing else can.