Over the past several years CerebralAudio has been honored to be reviewed, listed and played on / in several podcasts, radio shows, and websites. Below are a few quotes from several reviews and a playlist of podcast and radio snippets:

Artist George De Bruin skillfully handles the piling up and breaking down of layers of sound as he goes along, and in doing creates a balance of truly gritty, harsh industrial textures and less dense, somewhat more floaty passages—there’s never an actual calm moment here, just places where the sound is less assaultive.
-- Hypnagogue: Soundchaser, Inside the World Machine

The music opens up like a dream, taking its exclusive time to get into the themes that are played out and explored in the tracks of this album. Cousin Silas his music really comes across as a caring one, being the nicest cousin around and giving you musical kisses in the inside of both your ears. Cousin Silas provides the listener with the soundtrack of dreams and meditations, all warm and at ease for pure audible perfection.
-- Yeah I Know It Sucks: Cousin Silas – The Sky Road

Improvisations For Piano is a very dark ambient album from Scott Lawlor, one of the most prolific composers on the planet. The five tracks on the album are improvisations for solo piano, piano and cello, piano and organ, piano and flute, and piano and bass clarinet. Experimental, edgy, dark and moody are words that come to mind while listening to this album. In other words, if you are looking for a Jim Brickman clone, this album probably won’t work for you. Some of this music is downright spooky and some of it feels like deep space music with atmospheric droning and ethereal reverb.
-- Mainly Piano: Album Review: Improvisations For Piano by Kathy Parsons

I like ambient music that has “different layers” of listening. These two releases are a good example of this.
You can work while listening, using it as background music.
But at the same time, you can sit on a sofa with headphones, and enjoy a rich sound. It’s a game between apparent simplicity and real complexity.
-- Vuzh Music Blog: Ambient Album Recommendations
(Referring to DR's Synchronisation mit einem Stück Zitrone)

And finally, a playlist of podcast and radio airplay: