Cousin Silas

David Hughes (Cousin Silas), born 7 May 1959, is an English musician and electronic music producer most notable for his ambient and drone music. David was born in Huddersfield, and spent most of that time in the Colne Valley. He attended Crow Lane, Royds Hall School, Colne Valley High School and Kirklees College, formerly known as Huddersfield Technical College. He apprenticed as an electrical engineer before becoming a telecommunications engineer.

Before experimenting with soundscapes in 2000, David played guitar in a couple of local bands doing new wave and punk covers. His current style of music is influenced by JG Ballard, Brian Eno, and Forteana. He is a self-proclaimed "sound alchemist" and has referred to his music as "audio photographs" or "moodscapes." He is a fan of science fiction novels written between 1950 and 1980 by authors such as Clark Ashton Smith, HP Lovecraft, M.R. James, Brian Aldiss, and Michael Moorcock.

Since he began experimenting with soundscapes in 2000, he has released over 100 albums, has appeared on over 60 compilations and has been credited on several other releases for production, writing, arrangements, and technical contributions.

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