To submit a demo to CerebralAudio Netlabel, make sure you have read the Submission Guidelines first. It is important to understand:

Once you have read the Submission Guidelines and decided that you want to submit a demo to us, choose one of the follow the instructions in the next section.


1. Inquiry email

The first step is to send an inquiry email via our Contact Page. In the subject line of the email indicate that it is a demo inquiry, and in the body of the message include the following information:

This will give us enough information to evaluate our interest in the work. We will respond (typically within a few days) to this email. If we are interested in checking out the demo proceed to the next section.

2. Sending The Demo

Demos should consist of a set of completed, or nearly completed tracks for the release. The should be sent in a "lossy" format (MP3 or OggVorbis). The email address to use will be sent to you in response to your inquiry email.  To submit the demo use one of the following services:


WeTransfer (link opens in a new window) is the preferred method for sending your files to CerebralAudio at this time. Send the files to the email address supplied in response to your inquiry. Make sure to indicate in the subject and body of the email that it is the demo of your tracks.

Google Drive

To share your demo with us via Google Drive, zip up the files and email a link to us at the email supplied in the response to your inquiry message.

The final option for sending in your demo files is This is the least recommended option based on reliability (we’ve had bad links to files at times, and we’ve had files that were removed before they should have been removed). However, if Google Drive and WeTransfer are not available, then it is the best option.

Upload your file to and make sure to use the options to get a link to your file.  Respond to our previous email exchange with the link to the file.

3. Demo Evaluation

Once we have received your demo, you will be sent a response email.  At this point we will listen to your demo and let you know if we are interested in releasing it.

If we are interested in releasing your work, we will respond and start working out the details for the release, including:

If we are not interested in your work we will respond with a dreaded rejection note.  In that not we will try to let you know why we are rejecting the work, and whether it would be appropriate to re-submit it with changes or not.  However, we cannot promise in all cases that we will be able to provide a concrete reason for the rejections -- sometimes it a work just doesn’t feel right.


That’s it.  The whole process is three steps long, but may take a bit as there are several steps of evaluation for a work.  The most important part, however, is reading the Submission Guidelines before even sending an inquiry email as it will allow you to determine if CerebralAudio is the right choice for your release.