David Evan Krebs

David Evan Krebs (b. 1983) has used music and other art forms to stay expressive, engaged, and inspired despite chronic illness beginning in childhood. He’s mostly worked in isolation, drawing on the experiences of solitude, dream, relaxation, and meditation to inspire and motivate his artistic perspective. Some limited training in jazz as a youth and an upbringing in a musical family have provided a helpful foundation, but also represent bounds he works to overcome in his artistic conceptions. Miles Davis and Charles Mingus to downtempo and trip-hop have provided primary musical inspiration, as have the ambient sounds of wind, water, traffic, heartbeats, and breathing.

Living quietly in Lawrence, KS with his fiancée, he writes fiction, paints, plays and constructs a variety of instruments at rudimentary levels, and tries to make each day better than the last. With this release, his first publication, he hopes to overcome some of his isolation and connect to the world at large through sharing his work.