The Sky Road by Cousin Silas
$0.00 - $5.00

  • The Sky Road
  • The Sky Road

    Release Info:

    1. Artist: Cousin Silas
    2. Cat. No: CAAM0005
    3. Release Date: 2016-05-30
    4. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
    5. Liner Notes: George De Bruin
    6. Cover Art: George De Bruin

    Track Listing:

    1. The Sky Road
    2. Things Change
    3. Stone Circles
    4. Storm Force
    5. Tones

The Sky Road by Cousin Silas
$0.00 - $5.00

Cousin Silas is back with his second release on CerebralAudio. The Sky Road is an expansive release that takes the listener on a floating, dark, sparsely instrumented sound voyage into the unknown.

Cousin Silas is full of surprises, and this release is no exception. In fact. there are cases where he pushes the limits of expectation. But the funny part is: he challenges us without so much as a nod or even the slightest hint of self-awareness of the gauntlet he’s thrown down. *The Sky Road* is a perfect example of such a challenge: the opening epic piece would be enough for a whole release from some artists. But, in this case, it’s only half the story.

After revealing a work of many continuous layers that seem to be constantly opening and drifting, there are still four more tracks to explore. Each track builds on the last, presenting an every growing expanse of sparsely populated space. The sounds within these spaces reverberating throughout.

Welcome to the ever-changing landscapes that inhabit the world of Cousin Silas.


“With such kindness dressed as music, it is true that Silas simply keeps its throne of most loved cousin you could possible wish for, so please don’t hesitate to hear his beloved warmth in sound like a familiar cuddle of your most favorite music making relative.” (KN, Yeah I Know It Sucks, 07 June 2016)

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