The Unfoldment by John Ov3rblast
$0.00 - $3.00

  • The Unfoldment
  • The Unfoldment

    Release Info:

    1. Artist: John Ov3rblast
    2. Cat. No: CAAM0004
    3. Release Date: 2016-01-04
    4. License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
    5. Liner Notes: George De Bruin
    6. Cover Art: N/A

    Track Listing:

    1. aɪslænd
    2. eter dýpi
    3. Qo'noS
    4. ἀεί

The Unfoldment by John Ov3rblast
$0.00 - $3.00

John Ov3rblast brings his unique ambient sounds to CerebralAudio with The Unfoldment.

This four track release of dark ambient music will bring you into realms of mystery and exploration. The release itself is an enigma with each track having a title in a different language, John challenges the listener on both the intellectual and auditory levels. The tracks themselves are have a similarities in tone and texture, and yet are different from each other. These are drones with a pulse that provides a sense of motion against the shifting tones that make up the soundscape.

As any good artist will do: they don’t always answer all the questions instead preferring to leave them to the listener or observer to answer. As for the titles themselves, how do the track titles related to the release title? Why are each of titles in a different language? What languages are the track titles in? What is the relationships between the chosen languages? How do the languages relate to the release title?

How many of these questions are there to answer? Well, that, I think is up to the listener. It’s for you to decide or decipher what questions need to be asked. And, once those questions are asked, you have to decide if they need to be answered.

John is a prolific artist that is pushing the boundaries of his approach to music, and releasing The Unfoldment on CerebralAudio is a way to exercise a part of his output that allows him to ask questions. CerebralAudio allows him to engage the listener in a different manner than he might on other labels. And that is precisely what CerebralAudio is for: engaging listeners in a way that is different from other labels. It’s a label to make you listeners think about what they are listening to, and we are very happy to welcome him to the label.

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